Quality made in Germany.


"Careful craftsmanship, attention to detail and manufacturing with the highest precision
have always been the basis for our work Peter Bumüller, Founder

For decades, the family name Bumüller has stood for first-class products of the highest quality from Germany. To ensure this, we operate a certified quality management system in accordance with the EN ISO 13485:2020 standard.

We know that constant further development is necessary in order to meet the ever-increasing demands on materials, reforms and requirements. That is why we invest in the improvement of our products as well as in the development of new products. This also includes the expansion and modernization of the production facilities of our machinery.

Only high-quality raw materials are used at Bumüller - the starting point for every product. Our highly qualified specialists use their know-how, which has grown over the years, to guarantee our high quality targets with the help of our modern machinery.

Our customers' demands are as high as our own. And therein exactly  results our promise: Quality that sets standards!