HSS milling tools

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Milling cutters with bore

Bumüller milling cutters with bore made of HSS/E are used for the machining of different jaw shapes (e.g. dental forceps) in the field of surgical mechanics. The cutters are available in various sizes with and without grooves (adhesive profile) as well as with concave or convex shape.

Milling tools with shaft

Bumüller end mills cutters made of HSS/E are used on a wide variety of machines, for example in surgical mechanics or metalworking. The cutters are available as keyway or radius cutters.

Or do you need a special design?

At Bumüller we develop and manufacture in-house. We will be happy to advise you on your individual project.

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Bumüller laser marking

Individual marking on your product.


Would you like to label your product with your logo? Or label an article individually? We offer a laser marking system with which you can label your product. Do you have questions about the possibilities of laser marking? Please contact us